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Falconry Services and Supplies
Adam's Falconry Service -- California based
B-1RD, L.L.C. -- Oregon based
Birds with Jobs -- Washington based
Best Defense Bird Abatement -- Washington based
Bird Strike Force -- Florida based
Falcon Force LLC -- California based
Frontier Bird Control -- Texas based
Hawkeye Bird Control, Inc. -- Toronto, Canada, based
Hawks4Hire -- Colorado based
Inka Falcon LLC -- Washington based.
Sky Kings Falconry Service -- Georgia based
Tactical Avian Predators -- Oregon based
Wingmaster Falconry, Inc. -- California based

General Bird Control
Avian Controll
BirdGard Electronic Bird Control
Bird-X Repellent Products
Inflatable air dancer as bird deterrent
Falcon Drone
Hawk-like kites
Laser beam as bird control
Mike's Falconry Supplies
Visual scare devices and cannons

General Raptor Information
Pacific Northwest Raptors
Living with Washington's Wildlife: Hawks
Hawk, Eagle and Osprey Management On Small Woodlands
Washington Department of Ag Living with Wildlife
Oregon Falconers Association
Washington Falconers Association
North American Falconers Association
Vertebrate Pest Management
Farmers using falcons to chase winged pests



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