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The Northwest Berry Foundation strengthens the Northwest berry community through on-farm research, collecting and disseminating information, and coordinating the recovery of fruit that would otherwise go to waste.

Current efforts

Coordinating efforts to recover fruit that would otherwise go to waste: In 2013, we began efforts to recover fruit left in fields after commercial harvesting is finished. We have partnered with other local food recovery and food distribution organizations, such as the Portland Fruit Tree Project and the Oregon Food Bank. Given the great community need for fresh, nutritious food and the significant amount of fruit going to waste each year, we’ll continue to expand this program.

The video below was created by Joanna Peterson in January 2018.

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September 2017 Special Research Update for Commercial Raspberry Growers concerning Soilborne Disease & Nematode Management in a Changing Fumigation Landscape.

On-Farm Research: The founders of the Northwest Berry Foundation and many of the board of directors are professionals within the commercial Northwest berry industry. One the foundation’s main goals is to enable better coordination between the region’s many research scientists. This includes carrying out applied research, such as testing SWD traps and on-farm variety trials, that benefit all northwest berry growers.

Collecting and Disseminating Information: In 2016, the NBF took over information links previously carried out by Peerbolt Crop Management. These resources include:

  • The Small Fruit Update, a weekly newsletter for the Northwest berry industry that started in 2000 and is supported entirely by the region’s growers through their regional berry commissions.
  • The contains information and support for the berry community.
  • Workshops for growers and industry support people.
  • Other newsletters supporting the berry community.

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