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Pesticide guide for northwest berries

The Pesticide Guide is created with the assistance of Joe DeFrancesco, Oregon State University. It is not intended as a recommendation or endorsement of the listed pesticides. Pesticide registrations and labels are subject to change. Consult your supplier, field rep, ag consultant or extension service prior to pesticide use.
---- MRLs (Maximum Residue Levels): Blueberries, Caneberries, and Strawberries.
---- Pesticides for SWD: Blueberries, Caneberries, and Strawberries.

Use the search box below to search for pesticides by type or by name. You can also search for part or whole word to help identify the pesticide you seek. For instance, "rov" will return "Provado" and "Rovral". "Insec" will return all insecticides. "Blue" will return every instance where "blue" appears.

Updated January 23, 2019
Legend: N=nonbearing only, s=supplemental label, o=SLN registration (24c) Oregon, w=SLN registration Washington, Bold text=organic.


Type Name Chemical Straw Rasp Black Blue
Insecticide Acramite bifenazate X X X 1 12 25
Insecticide Actara thiamethoxam X X X X 3 12 4A
Insecticide Admire (soil applied) imidacloprid X X X X straw=14; cane & blue=7 12 4A
Insecticide Admire Pro (folilar applied) imidacloprid X X X X straw=7; cane & blue=3 12 4A
Insecticide Agri-mek abamectin X X X straw=3, cane=7 12 6
Insecticide Altacor chlorantraniliprole X X X cane=3, blue=1 4 28
Insecticide Asana XL esfenvalerate X X X cane=7, blue=14 12 3A
Insecticide Assail acetamiprid X X X X 1 12 4A
Insecticide Avaunt indoxacarb X 7 12 22A
Insecticide Beleaf flonicamid X 0 12 9C
Insecticide Belt flubendiamide X 8 12 28
Insecticide Brigade bifenthrin X X X X straw=0, cane=3, blue=1 12 3A
Insecticide Bt DiPel, Javelin, MVP X X X X 0 4 11B2
Insecticide Confirm tebufenozide X X X 14 4 18A
Insecticide Coragen chlorantraniliprole X 1 4 28
Insecticide Cryolite Bait sodium aluminoflouride XO,W XO,W XO,W XO,W 3 12 9A
Insecticide Danitol fenpropathrin X X X X straw=2; cane & blue=3 24 3A
Insecticide Delegate Spinetoram x x x cane=1; blue=3 4 5
Insecticide Diazinon diazinon X X X X straw=5; cane & blue=7 straw=3 days; cane & blue=5 days 1B
Insecticide Dibrom naled X 1 48 1B
Insecticide Esteem pyriproxfen X X X X straw=2; blue & cane=7 12 7C
Insecticide Exirel cyantraniliprole X 3 12 28
Insecticide Fujimite fenproximate X 1 12 21A
Insecticide Imidan phosmet X 3 24 1B
Insecticide Intrepid methoxyfenozide X X X X blue= 7; Cne & straw= 3 4 18A
Insecticide Kanemite acequinocyl X X X 1 12 20B
Insecticide Knack pyriproxyfen X X X 7 12 7C
Insecticide Lannate methomyl X 3 48 1A
Insecticide Lorsban chlorpyrifos X 21 24 1B
Insecticide Malathion malathion X X X X cane & blue=1, straw=3 12 1B
Insecticide Mocap ethoprop XN 365 48 1B
Insecticide MSR Spray oxydemeton-methyl XW XN,W XN,W straw=pre-bloom; cane=365 Straw=15 days, cane=16 days 1B
Insecticide Mustang zeta-cypermethrin X X X 1 12 ?
Insecticide Mycotrol Beauveria bassiana X X X X 0 12 ?
Insecticide Nealta cyflumetofen X 1 12 25
Insecticide Neem Aza-Direct, Neemix, others X X X X 0 4 18B
Insecticide Oberon spiromesifen X 3 12 23
Insecticide Platinum thimethoxam X X straw=50, blue=75 12 4A
Insecticide Provado 1.6F imidacloprid X X X X straw=7; cane & blue=3 12 4A
Insecticide Pyganic pyrethrin X X X X 0 12 3A
Insecticide Pyrellin rotenone + pyrethrin X X X X 12 hours 12 21B+3A
Insecticide Radiant spinetoram X 1 4 5
Insecticide Rimon novaluron X X Straw = 1, Blue = 8 12 15
Insecticide Savey hexythiozox X X X 3 12 10A
Insecticide Sevin carbaryl X X X X 7 12 1A
Insecticide Sivanto X X Straw = 0. Blue = 3 4 4D
Insecticide Soaps Safer, M-Pede X X X X 0 12 ?
Insecticide Success - non-organic, Entrust - organic spinosad X X X X straw=1, blue=3, cane=1, Entrust Blue=1 4 5
Insecticide Thiodan endosulfan X 4 2 days 2A
Insecticide Vendex hexakis X X straw=1, rasp=3 48 12B
Insecticide Zeal extoxazole X XS XS straw=1, cane=0 12 10B
Herbicide 2, 4-D amine Formula 40 (straw), Saber (blue) X XO,W straw=dormant, blue=30 48 4
Herbicide Aim carfentrazone X X X X cane=15, blue & straw=0 12 14
Herbicide Basagran bentazon XS,N XS,N XS,N 365 48 6
Herbicide Callisto mesotione X X X use pre-bloom only 12 27
Herbicide Casoron dichlobenil X X X avoid new shoots 12 20
Herbicide Chateau flumioxazin XS xN,O,W XS straw= use prior to fruit set,?blue= 7, rasp=365 12 14
Herbicide Dacthal DCPA X use pre-bloom 12 ?
Herbicide Devrinol napropamide X X X X spring or fall use 12 15
Herbicide Dual Magnum S-metolachlor XO,W XO,W XO,W 28 24 15
Herbicide Fusilade fluazifop XN XN XN XN 365 12 1
Herbicide Gallery isoxaben XN XN XN 365 12 21
Herbicide Goal oxyfluorfen XO,W XO rasp=50, black=15 24 14
Herbicide Gramoxone paraquat X X X X straw=21; blue & cane = prior to new canes 24 22
Herbicide Karmex diruon X X X late spring or fall use 12 7
Herbicide Kerb pronamide X X X fall or winter use 24 3
Herbicide Matrix rimsulfuron XS XS XS 21 4 2
Herbicide Poast sethoxydim X X X X straw=7, cane=45, blue=30 12 1
Herbicide Prowl pendimethalin X X X X straw=35 cane/blue=30 24 3
Herbicide Rely glufosinate X 14 12 10
Herbicide Roundup, others glyphosate X X X X 14 4 9
Herbicide Sandea halosulfuron X X X 14 12 2
Herbicide Scythe pelargonic acid X X X X 1 24 ?
Herbicide SelectMax, Arrow clethodim X X X X straw=4 cane=7, blue=14 24 1
Herbicide Simazine princep X X X X spring or fall use 12 5
Herbicide Sinbar terbacil X X X X cane=70, straw & blue=spring or fall use 12 5
Herbicide Solicam norflurazon X X X 60 12 12
Herbicide Spartan sulfentrazone XO,W 70 12 14
Herbicide Stinger clopyralid XO,W XO,W 30 12 4
Herbicide Surflan oryzalin X X X spring or fall use 12 3
Herbicide Velpar hexazinone X 90 24 5
Herbicide Vinegar (Weed Pharm) Acetic acid X X X X 0 48
Herbicide Zeus XC sulfentrazone X X X 3 12 14
Fungicide Abound azoxystrobin X X X X 0 4 11
Fungicide Actigard acibenzolar X 0 12 21
Fungicide Actinovate AG Streptomyces lydicus X X X X 0 1 ?
Fungicide Aliette fosetyl-al X X X X straw & blue=0, cane=60 12 33
Fungicide Bravo chlorothalonil X 42 12 M5
Fungicide Cabrio pyraclostrobin X X X 0 24 11
Fungicide Captan captan X X X X straw & blue=0, cane=3 straw=24; blue & cane = 72 M4
Fungicide Captevate captan + fenhexamid X X X blue & straw=0, rasp=3 straw=24, rasp & blue=48 M4+17
Fungicide Coppers Kocide,?Champ, etc. X X X X none listed Varies (check label) M1
Fungicide Elevate fenhexamid X X X X 0 12 17
Fungicide Evito fluoxastrobin X 1 12 11
Fungicide Flint trifloxystrobin X 0 12 11
Fungicide Fontelis penthiopyrad X 0 12 7
Fungicide Fosphite, Phostrol, others phosphorous acid X X X X none listed 4 33
Fungicide Inspire Super difenconazole+cyprodinil X X straw=0, blue= 7 12 3+9
Fungicide Indar fenbuconazole X 30 12 3
Fungicide Kenja isofetamid X 0 12 7
Fungicide Lime Sulfur calcium polysulfide X X X delayed dormant use Varies (check label) ?
Fungicide Luna Tranquility fluopyram+pyrimethanil X X X X straw=1; cane/blue=0 12 7 + 9
Fungicide Merivon fluxapyrosad+pyracolstrobin X 0 12 7 + 11
Fungicide Meteor Iprodione X X X 0 24 2
Fungicide Mettle tetrazonazole X 0 12 3
Fungicide Oil BioCover; Sun; JMS X X X X delayed dormant use or postharvest 4 ?
Fungicide Omega fluazinam X 30 2-3 days 29
Fungicide PH-D, Tavano, Oso Polyoxin-D X X X X 0 4 19
Fungicide Potassium bicarb Kaligreen, Milstop X X X X 1 4 ?
Fungicide Pristine boscalid + pyraclostrobin X X X X 0 24 7+11
Fungicide Procure triflumizole X 1 12 3
Fungicide Proline 480 prothioconazole X 7 12 3
Fungicide Protexio Fenpyrazamine X X X 0 12 17
Fungicide Quadris Top azoxystrobin, difenconazole X X straw=0 blue=7 12 11+3
Fungicide Quash metconazole X 7 12 3
Fungicide Quilt XL azoxystrobin, propiconazole X X X X cane + blue= 30, straw=0 12 11+3
Fungicide Quintec quinoxyfen XS 1 12 13
Fungicide Rally myclobutanil X X X 0 24 3
Fungicide Regalia Reynoutria sachalinensis X X X X 0 4 ?
Fungicide Ridomil Gold mefenoxam X X X X cane=45, blue & straw=0 48 4
Fungicide Ridomil Gold Copper mefenoxam + copper hydroxide X X 0 48 4 + M1
Fungicide Rovral iprodione X X X cane = 0, straw=prebloom 24 2
Fungicide Scala pyrimethanil X 1 12 9
Fungicide Serenade Bacillus subtilis X X X X 0 4 ?
Fungicide Sulfur microthiol?& other brands X X X X none listed 24 M2
Fungicide Syllit dodine X 14 48 M7
Fungicide Switch cyprodinil + fludioxonil X X X X 0 12 9+12
Fungicide Tanos cymoxanil + famoxadone X X 0 12 11+27
Fungicide Tavano (+PH-D for straw) Polyoxin D X X X X 0 4 19
Fungicide Thiram thiram X 3 24 M3
Fungicide Tilt; PropiMax; Bumper propiconazole X X X X straw=0, cane & blue=30 12 3
Fungicide Torino cyflufenamid X 0 4 U6
Fungicide Topguard EQ flutrialfol+azoxystrobin X 0 12 3+11
Fungicide Topsin-M thiophanate methyl X 1 12 1
Fungicide Ziram Granuflo ziram X X consult label 48 M3
Other Bird Shield, ReJex-iT methyl anthranilate X 6 Undefined
Other Deadline, others metaldehyde X X X X None listed; assume zero day 12
Other Dormex hydrogen cyanamide X dormancy application 72
Other Ethrel ethephon X X black=3, blue=7 48
Other Prozap Z-P Pellets zinc phosphide X X X Check label for details. 24
Other Nimitz Fluensulfone X Check label for details. See label
Other Sluggo iron phosphate X X X X 0 0

REI: All pesticide products used in the production of agricultural crops have a prescribed-time restricted entry interval (REI) for worker protection. REI is stated on the label. For the most part, entry into treated areas during the prescribed time (usually hours) REI is not allowed.

PHI: The preharvest interval is the amount of time that must elapse between a pesticide application and harvest of the crop. PHI (usually days) depends on the specific pesticide label you are following, and the crop to which it is applied.

R#:If the chemical is an insecticide this is the Resistance Action Committee Code Number. Insecticdies with the same number should not be used consecutively, as they are similar in chemistry and/or mode of action and doing so may increase the risk of resistance. If the chemical is a herbicide, this is the Herbicide Rotation Guide. To avoid selecting for herbicide-resistant weeds, do not use herbicides from the same group more than once within three years. Rather, rotate to a different group every year of the production system. If the chemical is a fungicide, this is the Fungicide Resistance Action Committee Code Number. Fungicides with the same number should not be used consecutively, as they are similar in chemistry and/or mode of action and doing so may increase the risk of resistance.


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