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Tomato Ringspot Virus (TRsV)

in Raspberries

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Latin name: (no Latin name)


Vary from mottled, chlorotic, mosaic leaves to leaf curling and ringspotting. Infected plants often show no symptoms but have low vigor and yield. The virus may cause crumbly fruit. On some cultivars it causes a severe dwarfing that resembles root rot damage. The red raspberry cultivar 'Fairview' is very susceptible; affected plants die quickly. 'Canby' and 'Puyallup' are also susceptible to (ToRSV) and are severely weakened when affected. 'Willamette' is somewhat tolerant.

Tomato ringspot virus (ToRSV) which is spread at a rate of about 6 ft a year in the row by dagger nematodes (Xiphinema americanum) and possibly related species. It is the most common virus in red raspberry in Oregon. Many weeds are host to both the virus and nematode.
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  • Vectored by dagger nematodes (Xiphinema americanum) and spread within a field is often slow.
  • Watch for leaf symptoms in weakened plants in the spring and note areas. Plants grow very poorly producing fewer short canes with small crumbly fruit.
  • Leaves will often show a characteristic chevron or mottled pattern in the spring.
  • Mark suspect bushes and have leaf samples tested at a laboratory.
  • Test soil and roots for nematodes.

Cultural Controls:

  • Fallow period of over one year.
  • Keep field weed free since the virus and nematodes have a broad host range.
  • Use cover crops to reduce soil movement on wheels of equipment.
  • Work on the healthiest fields first, finishing up in any fields with tomato ringspot.
  • Wash equipment between fields to minimize soil movement.


For information about chemical controls, check with our Pesticide Guide.


TRSV damage - photo by T. Peerbolt

TRSV damage - photo by T. Peerbolt

TRSV damage - photo by T. Peerbolt

TRSV damage - photo by T. Peerbolt

TRSV damage - photo by T. Peerbolt

TRSV damage - photo by T. Peerbolt

Tomato ring spot virus in Chilliwack - photo by T. Peerbolt


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