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Latin name: (no Latin name)


Deer feed on plants which can delay maturity, reduce yield, have a negative impact on growth and, in severe cases, cause death of the young strawberries. Deer can be pests year-round during all stages of growth. An integrated approach to control is generally most effective in reducing damage from deer.



  • Examine field for signs of feeding damage and/or droppings.
  • Go to UCIPM Deer control for IPM options.
  • Deer Feces can be a carrier of oh human pathogens that can contaminate fruit. An excess of droppings in field should be a concern for the safety of fruit consumption.

Cultural Controls:

None listed at present.


For information about chemical controls, check with our Pesticide Guide.


photo by T. Peerbolt

Deer damage in strawberries - photo by T. Peerbolt


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