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Mites, Cyclamen

in Strawberries

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Latin name: Steneotarsonemus pallidus


Cyclamen mites stunt plants and reduce fruit production. Symptoms are similar to virus symptoms (curled, crinkled leaves). Small bumps felt on leaf midvein and petiole can be indicative of mite feeding ‘Totem' strawberries are very susceptible to cyclamen mite damage. The mites themselves are small, needing a good hand lens to see and are found on young, folded leaves along the midvein in early spring. The mature mite is flat, lens-shaped, and transparent.



  • While walking through field, scan for weak or deformed plants.
  • If found, run your fingers over the petioles of several young leaves checking for small bumbs.
  • Examine the midveins of young, folded leaves with a strong (15X) hand lens looking for the mites.
  • Other causes of similar symptoms: viruses, calcium deficiency, spittlebugs.

Cultural Controls:

  • Be sure to get clean, certified planting stock.
  • Rogue out infested plants.
  • Minimize transfer by workers and machinery between fields.


For information about chemical controls, check with our Pesticide Guide.


Damage done by Cyclamen mites - photo by A. Artonelli


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