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Latin name: Philaenus spumarius


Spittlebugs cause little economic injury but they are a nuisance for pickers. White, slimy froth that resembles spittle surrounds the tiny yellow nymphs in their feeding places on new growth. The nymphs suck juices from leaves and fruit spurs and can cause them to become distorted and stunted. Resulting in some reduced yield and poorer fruit quality.



  • Cool, wet weather proceeding harvest can increase spittlebug problems.
  • Very easy to spot-frothy, white bubbles on stems and/or petioles.
  • Note the population level of spittlebugs when scouting for other pests.
  • Just before harvest, evaluate their potential as a nuisance pest.
  • They usually don't require an insecticide targeted at them but are usually controlled by materials used for aphid and/or cyclamen mite control or by warm, dry weather.

Cultural Controls:

  • Control weeds in and around field.


For information about chemical controls, check with our Pesticide Guide.


photo by K. Gray

photo by T. Peerbolt

photo by T. Peerbolt

photo by J. Myer


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