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Latin name: Limax spp., Arion spp., Deroceras spp.


Slugs can be a major problem during harvest when they feed on berries causing loss of quality. Damage is accompanied by slime trails, which can also render fruit unmarketable. They can also be a harvest contaminant. The slug population is closely correlated to weather conditions during harvest. Cool, wet conditions can lead to major slug problems.



  • Check for slime trails and slugs well before harvest to determine their potential as a harvest pest.
  • Small bait stations of slug bait can be put out in the field marked by flags. Check periodically for slug activity.
  • If the weather forecast favors slug activity, scout more often.
  • Slug bait cannot be applied when fruit is close to harvest since t can stick to the fruit and be a contaminant. Appropriate controls should be applied to even lightly infested fields to prevent a problem during harvest.

Cultural Controls:

  • Eliminate slug habitat and hiding places.


For information about chemical controls, check with our Pesticide Guide.


photo by R. Berry

Slug damage - photo by T. Peerbolt

photo by T. Peerbolt

photo by T. Peerbolt

photo by T. Peerbolt

photo by T. Peerbolt

photo by T. Peerbolt

photo by T. Peerbolt

Slug with egg - photo by T. Peerbolt


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