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Weevil, Rough Strawberry Root

in Strawberries

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Latin name: Otiorhynchus rugosostriatus


Rough Strawberry is one of many root weevil species that can be found in strawberries. But Rough strawberry root weevil, unlike most of our other pest weevil species, lay many of their eggs in late summer/early fall. They also tend to feed at the base of the plants and in the detritus. This has allowed them to escape many of the insecticide controls used in spring. Adult Rough strawberry root weevils can still be present after harvest and control of Rough Strawberry root weevils should take place during field renovation, making every effort to get the control material to penetrate the plant canopy to reach the target insect at the base of the plant. Eggs that were laid in the soil will hatch into young larvae that begin feeding on roots. Root weevil larvae overwinter two to eight inches deep in the soil.



  • In the spring, watch for areas of weak growth. Dig in the root zones, checking for the white grub like root weevil larvae.
  • Rough strawberry root weevils do not feed as much on the outer leaves so leaf notching is not a consistent indicator
  • Rough strawberry root weevils do not feed on the tops of plants at night so this is also not a good indicator of the presence or absence.
  • The only recommended way to scout for adult rough strawberry root weevils is to search in the detritus and leaves at the base of plants.
  • In the fall, check areas that show weak growth and redden prematurely. The larvae can be found in the fall but are much smaller than in the spring.

Cultural Controls:

None listed at present.


For information about chemical controls, check with our Pesticide Guide.


photo by K. Gray

Rough strawberry root weevil larva - photo by K. Gray

photo by K. Gray

Damage to leaves - photo by K. Gray

Weevil damage to leaves - photo by T. Peerbolt


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