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Aphids: Shallot aphid, Strawberry aphid

in Strawberries

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Latin name: Myzus ascalonicus, Chaetosiphon fragaefolii


Aphids vector numerous viruses that can cause major economic injury. Leaves appear crinkled, curled and, sometimes, yellow due to the virus. Damage may spread from small, circular patches to the entire planting. Strawberry varieties differ greatly in virus tolerance/resistance so aphid treatment thresholds differ by variety. The Shallot aphid is pale greenish-brown and appears in the early spring. The Strawberry aphid is pale green and wingless. Winged adults appear in May and persist into November, with peak population about mid-June. In some years, there is another peak in September and October. They overwinter on plants.



  • Scout weekly after the first leaf is fully expanded.
  • Sample at least ten sites (unless field is less than one acre). Collect 3 trifoliate young-mature leaves plus one very young unfurled leaf per site.
  • Populations of predators and other beneficial insects need to be monitored closely. Natural controls often make treatments unnecessary.
Decision making factors (to treat or not to treat):
  1. Virus resistance of variety. Hood is very susceptible & April control applications are frequently needed. Totem is moderately resistant.
  2. Time of year: Virus transmission doesn't occur until winged forms appear (early April).
  3. Isolated fields with no source of virus nearby are less likely to be infected. Fields with other strawberries nearby are more at risk of virus transmission.
  4. Fields in their last year of production don't need control unless nearby fields need to be protected.

Cultural Controls:

  • Avoid too much nitrogen fertilizer. Soft, succulent growth encourages aphid feeding.

For information about chemical controls, check with our Pesticide Guide.


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